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Buy catheter supplies online for your home medical supplies. Shop our dedicated online catheter store for your needed supplies. Fast and easy ordering, quick and secure checkout.

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CatheterDeals uses the highest security measures for your safety. credit card processing and PayPal payments provide flexible payment options and secure ordering.

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We are committed to providing you with the lowest prices for your needed catheter supplies. We discount upfront so you can order online and know all our best prices and different ways to save money.

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CatheterDeals was created as the best online retail store for you to buy catheter supplies at the lowest prices available. We heard you, you asked for cheap catheter supplies when you have to pay for your home medical supplies out of your own pocket. We are here for you when insurance does not cover the costs of your supplies. Cheap catheter supplies does not mean the products are cheap, it means, low cost for the catheters of your choice. CatheterDeals delivers your catheter supplies at the best possible prices with outstanding service. We are strategically partnered with the major manufacturers of urinary catheters. These high quality catheter supplies are inventoried at six distribution centers located across the United States. These warehouse locations allow us to deliver your order to you in 1 to 3 business days as part of our regular delivery service.


We have been in the urological medical supply industry for many years. Our experience is with providing urinary catheter supplies to individuals with spinal cord injury, bladder retention, and many more medical reasons. We have the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have concerning your catheter supply and process. We only sell urinary male catheters, female catheters, youth catheters, and all the supplies needed to properly perform the self cath technique. We specialize in sterile intermittent catheters, foley catheters, and male external catheters. We are not in the business of selling every medical supply product there is. We are focused on the best quality and name brands in the urological industry offering you the newest products and information concerning urinary catheters. That means we are focused on providing you with the best service, and maintaining your satisfaction as a customer. 


Buy catheters online with CatheterDeals and start experiencing the savings for yourself!