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Easy Auto-Reorder Program

As part of our value added services for our customers we offer a personalized automatic catheter supply program you create.  If you have a regular cath routine and are routinely using about the same quantity of catheters over a defined period, this program can help save you from having to remember to reorder your supplies each time before you run out.                                                

Here is an example how it works.

Customer self-cath routine: Assume cathing 3 to 4 times per day, with 30 days in a given month.

30 x 3 =   90

30 x 4 = 120

Total   = 210       Now Calculate Average Usage; 210/2 = 105 catheters per month are needed on average.

Easy Auto-Reorder Example:   210 Catheters per order, 2 month supply You will see why this will save you more money to order this way in our example.

For this example we will use Cure Medical Catheters that come 30 catheters/box. Cure Straight Catheter $0.60/each, our everyday low price.

Buy 7 boxes of catheters  [7 x 30 = 210]

Box of 30 Discount, 5%    $0.57/each             .57 x 30 =            $ 17.10              You Save .90 per box

Buy 7 Boxes [210 catheters]                        7 x 17.10 =          $ 119.70               You Saved $6.30

Free Shipping                                                                                                 You Saved $7.99 (shipping cost)


This Auto-Reorder Example is Set Up for every other month shipping          

               You Save an Additional 5%    [$119.70 * .05]                                     You Saved $5.98

Total Cost                                                                            $ 113.72              


Your Auto-Reorder program gets your Catheter Cost down to $0.54/each      $20.27 in Total Savings


It’s your program, you can set up any amount and any timeframe for the shipping interval. And don’t worry, you are always in control, it can be modified or changed at any time. When you are ready to set up your Custom Auto Re-Order program, contact us and we will be glad to set up your tailored program to your liking.